Federal Magistrate revokes conditional release of accused killed and kidnapper

David Renz escorted by NY State Police.

United States Marshalls delivered accused killer and rapist David Renz to the Federal Court chambers of U.S. Magistrate Andrew Baxter today so the court could consider the violation of Renz's pretrial release on child pornography charges.

In court documents, U.S. Probation officer Steven Acquilano states on March 14th Renz violated one of several terms of his release when he removed his electronic monitoring ankle bracelet without permission of the Court or U.S. Probation.

Until his arrest overnight, Renz had spent the last few months living with his mother. He had lost his job at the James Street Wegmans and remained unemployed. His release from federal custody was also contingent on following a curfew, staying away from children and not having access to a computer or the internet. Violations of those conditions could be added at a later time.

In another significant development in Federal Court on Friday, Assistant United States Attorney Lisa Fletcher requested an expedited official transcript from the Detention Hearing that was held on January 11th before Magistrate Baxter. That was the hearing where it was determined that Renz would be eligible for conditional release on the child pornography charges.

This transcript would give prosecutors an opportunity to review details of the hearing that led to Renz being set free two months ago.