Feds and Syracuse law enforcement break up Bricktown gang

U.S. Attorney Richard Hartunian, Syracuse Police Chief Frank Fowler and Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner announce Bricktown gang arrests. / Matt Mulcahy

Federal prosecutors joined with federal, state and local police to announce the arrest of 13 men accused of being members of the Bricktown gang in Syracuse.

A federal indictment claims the group conducted a pattern of racketeering activity which included murders, shootings, drug trafficking, gun possession and robbery. The ongoing investigation dates alleges the gang operated since at least 2000.

Seven of the defendants are already in custody on other convictions. Six more were arrested this morning. Police moved today because the evidence had finally reached a threshold worthy of the indictment. Lead prosecutor John Katko said, " Just having a suspicion a gang exists is not enough. It's a tremendous amount of work. Tremendous amount of effort to put together one of these cases."

Syracuse Police Chief Frank Fowler sent a message to any other gang members in Syracuse, "The message I want to make clear, this task force still exists. Somebody's next. Someone will be next. If you continue to fire off guns in our community if you continue to commit violent acts in our neighborhood we're coming for you."

One of the murders in the indictment was last fall's shooting of 20-month-old Rashaad Walker Jr., who was sitting in the car seat of a van. Saquan Evans is accused of that murder and is now also included at the top of the indictment of the Bricktown gang.

List of the 13 accused of operating as the Bricktown gang in Syracuse:

SAQUAN EVANS, a/k/a "Quazy," "Quan," "Quaz," "Quanny," "Masaroti," and "Moto," age 21;JARRELL WILLIAMS, a/k/a "Rugga," "Rel," and "Ruggarel," age 20;DEMETRIUS SULLIVAN, a/k/a "Meechie," age 23;DARNELL WILLIAMS, a/k/a "Styles," age 25;MATTHEW CHEEK, a/k/a "Cheeks," age 28;MIQUAN RUSSO, a/k/a "Shyce," age 20;SHAWNTELL RUSH, a/k/a "Sparks," and "Tells," age 27;AMADIS HUNTER, a/k/a "Baldy," age 23;ERNEST HESTER, a/k/a "EB," age 21;JAYCEE FLOYD, a/k/a "Mojo" and "Mojesus," age 22;JEROME CLARKE, a/k/a "Loonz," age 24;ANTHONY BRASWELL, a/k/a "Pooper," age 19; andMIGUEL RUSSO, a/k/a "G-Money," "Gell," and "Funny," age 22