FEMA says 'no' to helping residents, Governor vows state aid

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FEMA spoke loud and clear today, denying federal aid to the individual homeowners and residents affected by the floods.

Many residents of the Mohawk Valley lost everything to the floods that swept through the area. Governor Cuomo called for help from the federal government, and that call was answered, sort of.

President Obama issued a major federal disaster declaration for 12 of the 15 counties that were affected by flooding. There was a catch: the money can only be used on infrastructure, or for the repair or replacement of official facilities. There was no money allocated for the people who are suffering.

A group of local senators renewed the plea for federal help, but that was shot down today.

Governor Cuomo has said that, if the Federal Government does not come through, the state will.

â??Today, FEMA has informed New York State that residents in communities affected by the recent flooding will not be eligible for the Individual Assistance program that would have provided federal funds to help homeowners rebuild and recover. Hundreds of families sustained significant damage to their homes and have had their lives upended. New Yorkers believe in coming together to help each other in times of disaster. We are good neighbors and come to each other's aid. As I have said from the day the flood waters devastated towns and villages across Upstate New York, if federal assistance is not provided, the State of New York will step in to provide whatever is needed so New Yorkers can rebuild their lives and their homes. An effective government is one that serves the people and when disaster strikes is there to help. In this situation, people need help, and you haven't seen anything until you see New Yorkers come together. The state will step up to the plate to ensure that those affected by these floods have the resources and assistance they need to get their lives back together.â??

It is unclear how the governor plans to help those in dire need. No plans have been made public as of yet.