Fewer crops for sale at the Clinton Square farmers market

The Clinton Square farmers market opened Tuesday for the summer season. This year, however, farmers may have less to sell.

The warm winter, followed by a cold snap, hurt fruit crops for many farmers.

Samantha Freid of Abbott Farms in Baldwinsville says the frost killed about half their strawberries.

Fruits were the hardest hit by the weather. Luckily, most vegetables survived because they are better able to handle a later frost.

Fewer crops could mean problems for you at the farmers market or grocery store. Both Samantha Freid and Carol Vezzose of Wolcott said that prices will be going up because of the damaged crops.

Not all customers seem to be noticing a price difference.

â??Everything seems pretty reasonable as it usually is here. Thereâ??s really nothing overpriced in general. At least, I donâ??t think so anyway. Itâ??s definitely worth the wait and taste," said Sharon Romeo of North Syracuse.

The Clinton Square farmers market will run every Tuesday until October 9th.