Fight over $20-million Auburn painting back in court

The latest round in the fight over a valuable Thomas Cole painting that was in Auburn's Seward House

The latest in the fight over a valuable painting that used to hang in Auburn's Seward House.

The Emerson Foundation, which has taken Thomas Cole's 'Portage Falls on the Genesee' off display in the historic mansion, was in Sate Appeals Court in Rochester on Monday morning, asking that Seward heir Ray Messenger be removed as executor of the Seward estate.

Messenger was awarded the executor's job last fall, in an attempt to keep the painting from being sold out of the estate.

The Emerson Foundation says it took the painting off view because it's concerned about security, but wants to sell the painting to help pay for the Seward House.

A decision on today's appeal is expected next month. Other court actions in the case are also ongoing.