Fine's wife: "He has issues," new audio recording airs on ESPN

An audio recording released by ESPN Sunday morning exposed new information in the sexual abuse allegations against Syracuse Basketball associate coach Bernie Fine.

The tape was recorded back in 2002 between Fine's wife, Laurie, and Bobby Davis, who is accusing Fine of sex abuse, according to ESPN.

On SportsCenter, ESPN reported the voice on the tape was independently verified as Fine's wife.

"I know everything that went on with him," said Laurie on the tape. "Bernie has issues, maybe that he's not aware of, but he has issues, and you trusted somebody you shouldn't have trusted."

Laurie Fine went on to say Bernie is "in denial," and "thinks he's above the law."

Later in the tape, Laurie tells Davis she wanted to come to his defense, but just wasn't capable of it.

"Because I care about you, and I didn't want to see you being treated that way."

Fine is accused of molesting two former ball boys. He has called the claims "patently false." Fine was fired by Syracuse University Sunday evening.

The audio recording comes as a third person, Zach Tomaselli, has come forward and accused Fine of sexual abuse.

Tomaselli, 23, currently lives in Maine and posted this to his Facebook page:

"I was molested both by my father and SU assistant coach Bernie Fine. I have come forward with my story to the police as well as ESPN's Mark Shwartz. I am not sure whether I want to do a camera interview with ESPN but I wanted to announce this to encourage all sex abuse victims to come forward as tough as it is because we can stop other kids from this abuse."

Tomaselli's father told the Post Standard that his son is lying. According to other reports, the father and son are estranged. Right now Zach Tomaselli is charged with gross sexual assualt, unlawful sexual contact, unlawful sexual touch and visual sexual agression against a child. The charges stem from alleged incidents at a summer camp where Tomaselli worked. Tomaselli pleaded not guilty to those charges and is awaiting trial.

On Friday, Syracuse Police New York State troopers executed a search warrant from the U.S Attorney's office at Fine's home. Investigators spent around 8 hours on the property, and left with three filing cabinets and dozens of other items.