Finger Lakes SPCA calls neglected dog one of the worst animal abuse cases they have seen

Finger Lakes SPCA posted this picture to their Facebook page, calling it one of the worst cases of animal abuse their investigators have ever seen.

The Finger Lakes SPCA of Central New York in Auburn posted a picture of a neglected dog to their Facebook page, saying "investigators have never seen dogs in such horrendous condition."

In the Facebook post, the SPCA said they "seized this poor dog and several others from an incredible neglect situation. The other dogs are in worse condition. We are working hard to clean them up - they are so matted their ability to walk is impeded."

"At some point in these dogs' lives (they are between 5 and 8 years of age) someone should have intervened and reported this horrendous situation. No one did until Monday," the post continued to say.

Carol Russell, the Executive Director of the

Finger Lakes SPCA

, is leading the investigation.

Russell says they posted the photo of the dog to the SPCAâ??s

Facebook page

to, "show people that this exists in peoplesâ?? backyards, but no one reports these things."

Russell could not provide CNY Central with any additional information about the investigation. Russell told CNY Centralâ??s Jim Kenyon that she is "not at liberty to give out information because there are pending charges."

She says there are "extenuating circumstances" involved in this case and she is working with the District Attorneyâ??s office.

Russell says other animals were sized from the same property on Monday. The animals have been groomed, are in "good shape," and are now in isolation.

The Facebook post says the dogs are "safe, warm and finally getting the attention they so deserve - and will be looking for new homes soon."