Fire destroys Town of Sullivan home

Fire at home on Olmstead Road in Town of Sullivan

A home on Olmstead Road in the Town of Sullivan has been destroyed by a fire that tore through the house on Friday.

Ten fire companies were called to help put out the fire after it was called in Friday morning.

Fire officials say the fire started in the basement and burned through the floors up to the attic, making it difficult for fire crews to get to the fire and put it out.

Madison County Fire and Rescue Official Robert Freunscht says that this, in addition to the home's remote location, made it difficult to get water to the fire to help fight the blaze.

"It was a rather difficult fire, due to the fact that the house sits up on top of a hill, we could not get the engine up the driveway to it so we had to hand-jank the lines up," said Freunscht.

The family that owns the home, including all of their pets, made it out of the home in time, and there were no injuries reported.