Fire in multiple buildings draws many departments to Ovid

Seneca County Sheriff's Deputies and fire investigators are back on the scene Wednesday morning looking for the cause a large fire in Ovid Tuesday evening.

Witnesses say the fire started in a restaurant on Main Street around 5:40 p.m., which spread to apartment buildings near the restaurant.

Authorities say the fire destroyed four or five buildings. They have been condemned and will have to be torn down.

New Dragon Chinese Restaurant is a two-story brick building wedged in a row of a half-dozen businesses on South Main Street. Community Thrift Shop is immediately beside the restaurant and Giuseppe's Pizza is on the corner. The Joint Assessment Group building was also affected. There are apartments above some of the businesses.

Attorney Steven Getman's office is across the street from the fire.

"I was working late, and all of a sudden I heard a loud noise and that was the fire companies rolling up," Getman said Tuesday evening. "From where I am right now I can see fire trucks everywhere - all the way up and down Main Street."

Getman says people are standing on the street watching the blaze. "I think we can only hope that everyone is safe," he added.

The Seneca Daily News reports tankers came from Cayuga and Ontario County. Radio reports monitored indicate 29 tankers were either on the scene or enroute and there were lines to fill the tankers on site with water.

In reponse to the fire, the South Seneca Central School District tweeted: "Terrible fire in Ovid is on everyone's minds tonight-- very thankful for our firefighters, and for all the responding units from the whole area!"

The district added, "For staff members involved on our crisis team at school, there will be a meeting at 7:00 a.m. Wednesday to talk about our plan for the school day."

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