Fire rages at Solvay's Fairmount Carpet

Crews were on the scene for several hours Sunday night fighting a raging fire at Fairmount Carpet & Linoleum on Milton Avenue in Solvay.

The first emergency calls came into Onondaga County 911 just before 6:00 p.m. on Sunday evening and within minutes the building was completely engulfed in flames.

Firefighters on the scene say rubber inside the factory made it difficult to put out the fire, and the Solvay Fire Chief was worried the building would collapse.

"We had to pull our teams out and go to a defensive operation," said Angelo Cantello, the Solvay Fire Chief.

Crews spent time working neighboring buildings to make sure the flames didn't spread through the center of the village and crews had to return to the scene Monday morning to monitor hot spots.

Neighbors say they feel terrible for the store's owners, but they're grateful for every firefighter from more than 17 companies that worked together to save the rest of the block.

"Everybody was running around but they were in perfect harmony," said Jody Pucello, a neighbor who lives in Solvay.

"Everybody came home safe, that's the ultimate goal," said Cantello.

The local Red Cross chapter says they are assisting two people, an adult and a child, displaced from their nearby apartment as a result of the fire. A third resident of a separate apartment did not seek help from the Red Cross.

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