Firefighters fill boots for a good cause

Syracuse annual "Fill the Boot" fundraiser kicks off

Syracuse Firefighters used their boots for something a little different Thursday as they hit the streets for a good cause.

The department's annual "Fill the Boot" fundraiser kicked off with firefighters across the city collecting donations for the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA).

Tyler Canute, ambassador for the Syracuse MDA says the annual fundraising effort to help those like him who have Muscular Dystrophy is greatly appreciated.

"It's not easy, I know. Many times I've seen people drive by. It's an effort to flag people down and get the donations in. It means a lot to me to see them work through an entire day to do that," Canute says.

Each year firefighters across the country work to raise money for the MDA, which is funded almost entirely by donations.

Last year Syracuse Firefighters raised close to $20,000, and this year they hope to pass that amount.

While some may think dropping some change in a boot doesn't make much of a difference, Canute says every donation helps, no matter how small.

"They provide things from as big as going to summer camp which is like $800, to providing us with a flu shot, which is like $30, so it all really makes a difference," he says.

Money raised by the Syracuse Fire Department this year will help support the MDA's Health Care Services Program.

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