Fireworks distracted father and sons in Oneida Lake boat tragedy

Anthony Aceto, 66; Stephen Aceto, 41; and Timothy Aceto, 33; died tragically when their boat overturned on the way back to Sylvan Beach. Fireworks distracted them, and caused them to hit a buoy on Oneida Lake.

As the investigation into the tragic boating accident that killed three people on Oneida Lake late Thursday continues, we learn fireworks led to tragedy.

The Aceto men, Anthony Aceto, 66, Stephen Aceto, 41, Anthony J. Aceto, 39, and Timothy Aceto, 33, were on their way back to Sylvan Beach around 10:45 p.m. Thursday. They spent the day boating on Oneida Lake, celebrating Stephen's upcoming engagement to his girlfriend.

The men were about five miles from shore when they turned to see fireworks, got distracted, and hit the buoy that caused the boat to overturn.

Anthony Aceto's wife, Carolyn Aceto, says her husband and sons knew Oneida Lake "like the back of their hands."

The bodies of the older Anthony Aceto, Stephen, and Timothy were recovered Friday morning. They were all found without lifejackets.

Anthony J. Aceto survived. He remains at a hospital in Utica, being treated for broken ribs and a cracked shoulder.

Friends on another boat pulled him from the water after the Aceto's boat overturned.

The boat was recovered Saturday morning.