First Aid Team at HP Hood in Oneida saves co-workerâ??s life with quick response

Members of HP Hoodâ??s First Aid Team are the Real Heroes Industrial Safety honorees for saving a co-workerâ??s life

HP Hoodâ??s First Aid Team was called into action last May, when a worker walked into the companyâ??s Oneida warehouse office, complaining he felt dizzy.

Mary Martinek, who was working there, was going to take him to an emergency room, and was radioing for help when he slumped over.

Another worker, Andrew Pozniak, was walking by and stopped to help, and others responded, using an office AED to shock him when they saw he was gasping for air and had no pulse.

When the man did not respond, workers started doing chest compressions, until EMTs arrived. The man was semi-responsive by the time he was transported to the hospital.

The First Aid Team says company support of safety efforts included training that allowed them to respond quickly in the critical first minutes that saved the manâ??s life.

For their efforts, HP Hood Oneida employees Bill Brockway, William Godaire, Dan Hatch, Dave Holeck, Mary Martinek, Andrew Pozniak, Dawn Strong, will Storey and Jason Vanderhoof are honored with the Red Cross 2013 Industrial Safety Award.

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