First baby born in Central New York for 2013

First baby born in Central New York of 2013

This morning at 12:32 the first baby in Central New York came into the world. Little Arianna Monet Scott was born up on the fifth floor in St. Joseph's Hospital. She weighed in at five pounds, twelve ounces and was twenty inches long.

The mother, Anjalese Brown, was more than excited that her daughter came just after the ball dropped. "We thought that she was going to be born on New Year's Eve, but when they got the phone call that she was born on New Year's Day, everybody was excited."

Brown's mother, Montrell Dupree said, "everybody will be up here at 12 o'clock, they're waiting downstairs to come up."

There was more than only one coincidence for the day. Not only was she the first baby born in 2013, but where she was born was a coincidence to. The fifth floor in the first unit was where Anjalese gave birth. This is grandmother Montrell's fifth granddaughter and the first for the new mother. The numbers five and one were certainly in their favor today.

Anjalese wanted to let the hospital know that she was thankful for their care, she said, "I was in so much pain, I was screaming and everything, they actually stood by my side and lead me through it all."