First chance to look at "Virtual Tour" of Amphitheater and weigh in on Solvay revitalization plan

Artist's redering of the proposed amphitheater in Geddes.

Neighbors will get their first chance to hear about the progress to revitalize the Western Shore of Onondaga Lake and the Village of Solvay Wednesday evening at Solvay High School, and offer up their own suggestions as to how we can open up the area further.

Preliminary plans for the project that would bring an amphitheater near The State Fairgrounds will be unveiled in the high school auditorium at 5:30 p.m.

County Executive Joanie Mahoney says she thinks people will be blown away when they see how far the idea has come, since it was announced in January.

"We're going to have a video where you'll have a virtual tour of the amphitheater," Mahoney said. "The State Legislature has approved our design build. We're still pushing for a concert before 2015 ends."

Already, she has seen positive feedback from the County's decision to extend the hiking trail along the western shore of Onondaga Lake Park.

"That opening of the west side of the lake, the feedback we've had from the people using the trail now, and exposed to those views of the city of Syracuse, has been great," Mahoney said. "It's going to be even better when you're out there, hearing the music, and seeing the view. You know, coming full circle, when you look at some of the old pictures of what the lake used to be to the community."

Representatives from Solvay and Geddes will be present at Wednesday's meeting. All leaders want to hear your ideas about ways to open up the area even more.

Right now, members of Onondaga County's Community Development department are knocking on doors of businesses in Solvay and Geddes, asking for opinions on new designs, and ways to strum up new business.

In recent years, facades have been improved upon in the neighborhood, but the County wants their input on where to spend resources.

"We want to hear from people, what's important to you, said Mahoney.

â??The people who live in Solvay are the ones best equipped to make that decision, and I'm really interested to hear what they have to say."

The County Executive says one of the areas where feedback is needed pertains to the future of Bridge Street.

As the plans look now, one option calls for the street to be wider on one side, as a sort of promenade, with no shoulder on the other.

The other choice calls for something more narrow on both sides to allow for bicycles and walking traffic.

Mahoney says written feedback will also be accepted at the meeting.

There will also be an e-mail address at Wednesday's meeting, where people can submit their thoughts and questions online.

State and county leaders plan to invest $100 million in the whole project.