First fall foliage forecast

The following web story is a direct transcription from the I Love NY website. We are happy to pass along the reports of leaf color changes across our area and all of New York. Autumn is a great time to enjoy the beauty of our state. If you see spectacular colors on trees anywhere across the area, please post your fall foliage pictures to our CNYcentralâ??s Facebook page!

Here is the most up to date fall foliage report:

The progression of beautiful fall color across New York State continues this weekend as some areas of the Adirondacks and Central New York regions will begin to see leaves at midpoint of change, according to observers for Empire State Developmentâ??s I LOVE NEW YORK program. Elsewhere in the state, fall colors are still in the early stage of transition.

Foliage is approaching midpoint of change in several areas of the Adirondacks region. In Franklin County, foliage spotters in the Mt. Arab/Tupper Lake areas expect 45-50 percent color change by the weekend with muted-to-average hues of goldenrod, mustard and pumpkin predominating. Some trees are starting to show a burgundy glow with some scarlet tints. In Old Forge, in Herkimer County, expect 35 percent color change by weekend with leaves of muted brilliance. Shades of burgundy and gold along with some splashes of reds and oranges are contrasting nicely with the evergreens.

In Essex County, in Wilmington, foliage spotters at Whiteface Mountain project 25 percent leaf transition as fall shades of red and orange continue to emerge from the green backdrop. Nearby Lake Placid is also projecting 25 percent color change with green, red and orange leaves of average brilliance. Indian Lake leaf peepers expect 20-25 percent color change in the Hamilton County community this weekend. Green is still the predominating color across the landscape, but the brilliant reds of the â??swampâ?? maples have arrived and shades of yellow are on the way.

In the Capital-Saratoga region, observers based in the Northville and Benson areas of Fulton County expect up to 25 percent color change by the weekend, with gold the predominate fall color, along with touches of red and brown. Rensselaer County should expect between 10 and 20 percent change. More color is showing in the eastern and northern portions of the county, with bright underbrush, and leaf shades of green and orange. Elevated areas of the county have more and more patches of deep autumn red and light yellow leaves appearing. In Saratoga County, 10 percent color change is expected with dull-average clusters of orange, yellow, red and amber leaves.

In the Central New York region, southern Herkimer County foliage spotters in Mohawk expect to be at midpoint of transition with 30 percent color change and average-to-bright green, red and some yellow leaves. In Oneida County, Utica spotters are looking at 20 percent color change for the weekend with shades of yellow along with hints of peach, orange and red appearing over the mostly green backdrop. In Broome County, Greater Binghamton Area spotters expect 15 percent color change with bright green leaves with touches of red and yellow. Madison County observers based in Morrisville project just over 10 percent color change as the still mostly green backdrop continues to give way to shades of yellow, orange and red. Look for about 10 percent color change in Cooperstown and Otsego County, with green and yellow shades of average brilliance.

Color change is a little sluggish in the Catskills so far this season, according to I LOVE NEW YORKâ??s foliage spotters. In Ulster County, observers reporting from Kingston, Woodstock and Phoenicia area expect 15 percent color change by the weekend, as trees are still very much green with touches of light red and yellow emerging. In Greene County, Catskill foliage spotters expect 10 percent change by the weekend with yellows, greens, browns, oranges and some reds of average brilliance peeking through.

Color change is progressing in the Finger Lakes region. Up to 20 percent change is expected in Seneca County with yellow leaves of less than average brilliance. Schuyler County also expects around 20 percent color transition with shades of yellow, while Cayuga County is calling for 20 percent change with touches of red and gold. Cortland County expects 15 percent color change, while Ontario, Wayne and Onondaga counties expect 10 percent color change.

In the Thousand Islands-Seaway region, foliage spotters in Alexandria Bay, in Jefferson County, project 15 percent color change by weekend with green, yellow and some orange leaves of average brilliance. In Canton, in St. Lawrence County, look for 15 percent color change with orange and yellow fall colors of average brilliance. Oswego County foliage spotters based along Lake Ontario and the Oswego River basin expect 10 percent color change as sugar maples and oaks are showing more spots of rust and bronze, with sumacs emerging in shades of red.

Foliage in the Chautauqua-Allegheny region will see up to 15 percent change this weekend in the Little Valley area of Cattaraugus County, with random patches of yellow and orange leaves. Elsewhere in the county, expect up to 10 percent color change at Allegany State Park. Chautauqua County spotters based in Chautauqua project 10 percent change by the weekend with some pale orange fall shades of average brilliance.

In the Greater Niagara region, Niagara County is expecting 15 percent color transition by the weekend with bright yellow and orange highlights emerging from the predominately green backdrop. Wyoming County foliage spotters based in Castile expect 10 percent color change.

In the Hudson Valley, look for 15 percent color change in the Highland area of Ulster County, with some hints of bright red leaves appearing. Westchester County also expects around 15 percent change this weekend with autumn leaves of yellow.

Fall colors are already making an appearance on Long Island; look for 15 percent color change out in the Hamptons, with touches of red and brown leaves of average brilliance.

Other areas of the state expect less than 10 percent color change.

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