First look at Haeleigh, the center of a dispute over child protection in Oswego County

Grandmother Terry Mann holds Haeleigh

A 6-month-old baby, who was at the center of a dispute over child protection in Oswego County, is now living with her father and paternal grandparents because the mother is now in jail.

The grandparents, Terry Mann and Steven Ouderkirk invited CNY Central's Jim Kenyon to visit the child, Haeleigh, at their home in Oswego. They wanted people to see how well the child is doing since there was so much public interest in the case.

Haeleigh was placed in the father's home because her mother, 19-year-old Sheri Remington, is serving a 4 month sentence for criminal contempt of court for allegedly violating an order of protection against the father of the child.

In March, the baby became the subject of a dispute between Family Court Judge Kim Seager and the Oswego County Department of Social Services. Seager ordered that the child stay with Sheri Remington over the objections of Child Protective caseworkers.

The caseworkers felt the infant was living in a potentially dangerous situation because Remington's home in Fulton at the time was unsanitary with piles of garbage and clutter and because they felt Remington was not able to properly care for Haeleigh.

Remington is also a level 2 registered sex offender for having sex with an underage boy.

Last year, Oswego County legislators and other authorities made public similar complaints against Judge Seager that resulted in closed door meetings with court officials.

Because of confidentiality requirements, a spokesperson says Judge Seager can not comment about these latest developments.

David Bookstaver, spokesman for the Office of Court Administration in New York City told CNY Central that o

n Tuesday, Judge Seager will preside over a hearing regarding the current status of Haeleigh leading up to a July trial to decide the ultimate custody of the child.