First look at school renovations in Liverpool

You don't need a classic commercial to tell you what time of year it is.

Students across our viewing area will be heading back to school next week. For students at Liverpool Elementary and Middle School, they'll be heading back to buildings still under construction amid a $34 million renovation project.

Thursday night, parents got a first look at what's been done at Liverpool Elementary School during an informational session.

"I thought it went well," said Superintendent Richard Johns, "Most of them have had children in this building in previous years and they're delighted with the improvements."

Among the improvements students will notice immediately -- a new wing of classrooms in the elementary school. The classrooms have new desks, chairs and computers and are just about ready to take on a full group of students. Johns says the project is on schedule at the moment, but is still a year and a half away from being fully completed.

That's not to say there haven't been a few bumps this summer, though.

"We had to delay the library because of our contaminated dirt when we removed the underground storage tanks," said Johns, "So we have to get back on target and rethink that part of the project over at the middle school."

And it will come at a price, possibly upwards of $900,000. School District officials will sort out that number in the next few days and add finishing touches on the schools before children arrive. Johns says the roadway leading into both schools will start being repaved Friday. Then it'll be time to get teachers organized so they'll be on the top of their game to help direct students once they start filing off buses next week.