First woman admits involvement in gang that terrorized part of Syracuse

A Syracuse woman pleaded guilty to being part of a gang that terrorized part of the city.

23-year-old Riadda Travet admitted her guilt in federal court. She and 10 others were charged with conspiring to exploit their membership in the V-NOT gang to engage in a pattern of racketeering including acts of murder, drug trafficking and robbery.

Authorities say from 2003 through May 2012, Travet and the other gang members maintained a specific geographic territory within Syracuse in which only gang members can sell crack cocaine and marijuana

They say the suspects also protected that exclusive crack distribution territory with violence, obtained drugs from various suppliers, projected a very violent attitude and responded to violence with violence in order to preserve their stature in the gang community, used graffiti, hand signs and tributes on their clothing to slain gang members to signify their gang membership.

Investigators say they also used criteria such as a willingness to use violence, ability to sell drugs, and familial connections to determine membership and routinely carried and used firearms in connection with their gang activity.

Authorities say the suspects were involved in one murder, 10 other shootings, 8 other acts of gun possession, and 18 acts of crack distribution and/or possession with intent to distribute crack.

The murder happened on November 26, 2010 when authorities saygang member Kahari Smith shot and killed Kihary Blue on Interstate 81 in downtown Syracuse as part of an ongoing feud between the V-NOT and Bricktown gangs.

Travet is the fourth, and only female, defendant to plead guilty in this case. The cases against seven co-defendants are still pending.

Travet faces up to life in prison, a $250,000 fine and three years of supervised release.