Five kittens found in a plastic bag on rural road in town of Sullivan

Kittens make miraculous recovery after left in plastic bag in Madison County.

Eight days ago, five kittens were found inside a tied up plastic bag along a rural road in the town of Sullivan. When Animal Control Officer, Kim Muehlenbein picked up the kittens, she wasn't even sure they would make it to the hospital.

"Most of them were near death. They couldn't lift their heads at the time, they couldn't sit up, nothing. They were just laying on their sides," says Muehlenbein.

The bag, which was found by someone walking down Gee Road in Madison County, was full of urine and feces.



n a week they've all made a miraculous recovery and will be available for adoption once they're big enough to be neutered.


he response from the community has been overwhelmin

g according to Jodi Gumina, President of Kirkville Animal Rescue and Education (K.A.R.E.).

"We just got a wonderful email from a woman who has offered to donate $150 towards their spays and neuters so that just made my day," says Gumina.

The kittens were found in a thick plastic bag from Kinney's Drugs. The store has already told animal control they plan to donate five adoption kits for all five kittens, including food and other necessities.

While there are no leads in the case, the future for these five kittens is looking bright.

"We'll make sure they get the best of the best because they've already had the worst," says Gumina.

If you have any information regarding the case, contact Sullivan Animal Control at (315) 687-7308.

For adoption information, you can email K.A.R.E. at or call (315)-247-8276