Five more malnourished and wild horses recovered from Onondaga farm

Five horses recovered from farm in Town of Onondaga

Five more severely emaciated and nearly wild horses were taken from a farm in the Town of Onondaga today. Central New York SPCA, as well as State Police were on hand to help get the last few horses on board a trailer heading to a farm in Cazenovia.

Earlier this week the SPCA went to the farm on a tip that horses were being mistreated.

The SPCA rescued 14 neglected horses, and found seven dead. The property is owned by the Onondaga Nation.

CNY SPCA Executive Director Paul Morgan said that the animals are around 200 to 250 pounds underweight, as well as being aggressive after being left out in the elements without food or proper care.

Morgan said that they have a suspect in mind, but cannot make any arrests until the investigation is complete.

The Clan Mothers were on the site to make sure that the horses were taken without incident.

Morgan thanked the Onondaga Nation for their cooperation in the investigation.