Five Years Later: Remembering Officer Joseph Corr

Five years ago Sunday, New Hartford police officer Joseph Corr was shot and killed in the line of duty. For his mother, the memories of that day are still fresh.

"It's just the same day number one and as a mom I just can't get over that hump," said Kathy Corr.

On February 27, 2006, Officer Corr responded to a call for a jewelry store robbery in New Hartford. He ended up chasing the suspects to nearby Kirkland and was shot outside of a Byrne Dairy. Sunday night, family and friends honored their hero during a special mass at the family's church in New Hartford.

"I remember Joe as, of course my son," said Dave Corr. "But he was also my best friend."

The mass was very emotional -- with members of the New Hartford Police Department on hand. Officer Corr's nieces and nephews took part in the mass, bringing up the gifts before Communion. Kathy Corr said explaining to them what happened five years ago is still one of the most difficult parts of her son's death.

"The little kids are asking...where is Uncle Joe? Where is he?" she said. "Sometimes you don't know what to say to them because they're so little."

Officer Corr died serving his community -- doing a job his parents say he loved.

"I think it's important to remember all of our police, firefighters, and the risk that they take everyday," said Dave Corr.

"He was just a great guy and I miss him," said Kathy Corr.

The gunman, Walter Richardson, was killed in a shootout with police in Philadelphia, the day after Officer Corr was murdered. Toussaint Davis, Robert Ward and Marion Pegese were also part of the jewelry store robbery. All three were found guilty of federal murder, robbery and conspiracy charges. They could receive life sentences when they are sentenced in April. Davis is already serving 300 years for state crimes.