Flash flood warning & watch in effect for parts of the area

A flash flood WARNING is in effect for nothern Yates county until 3:45pm.

A flash flood warning means that rapid life-threatening flooding is occurring or will soon begin in your area. You need to take action immediately to protect life and property.

If your area has a flash flood warning, here is what you should do

-- Move to higher ground immediately and get out of the danger area.

-- Do not attempt to cross swiftly flowing waters

-- Do not attempt to cross waters of unknown depth by foot, car, truck, or sports utility vehicle.

-- It only takes a few inches of swiftly flowing water to carry vehicles away.

-- If your car stalls in a flooded or low-lying area, abandon it immediately.

-- Turn around, donâ??t drown. Find an alternative route.

A flood watch remains in effect for parts of central NY through 8:00pm tonight.

Flood Watches are issued to inform the public that the current and/or developing weather pattern is such that there is a potential for flooding over portions of our area. The occurrence of flooding is neither certain nor imminent. Check flood action plans, keep informed, and be ready to take necessary actions if a warning is issued or flooding is observed. A watch does not mean flooding is occurring. A warning is issued when flooding weather is imminent.

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If your area has a flood watch, here is what you should do:

-- Go about your normal activities, but be aware of the possibility of flooding developing if and/when heavy rain occurs.

-- Keep an eye on Interactive Doppler and Triple Doppler radars on

-- Keep your phone with your CNYcentral mobile app turned on so if warnings are issued you will know.

-- Periodically check NBC-3, CBS-5 and CW-6 for updates on the weather and possible warnings.

-- Know which county you live in, and where you are in relation to streams, creeks or rivers, which can become killers in heavy rains.

-- If you live or work in an area which is prone to flooding, have a safe evacuation route to use if flooding occurs.

-- Have a battery operated radio, and several flashlights available and in working order.

Stay updated with this storm with these links:
-- Interactive Doppler Radar:
-- Triple Doppler Radar:

-- Lightning Strikes
-- Watches/Warnings: (Make sure to hit the 'F5' key to refresh the page.)
-- Follow CNY Central Meteorologists on Twitter:

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