Flash flooding destroys small bridge in Dryden

Lee Road in Tompkins County was shut down much of the day due to flash flooding that took out a small bridge.

Dryden Mayor Jim Zimmer says the rushing water was too much for the bridge to handle. "We had to close Lee road because the flooding conditions washed out the fill around the Culvert," Zimmer said.

Lee Road is the only access point to Route 13 for approximately 50 families so getting the road back open was a top priority. "We're gong to try and get this done. This should be our last load coming in here to get this patched up so people can get in and out," he said.

The rising water flooded basements and left yards like Bruce Drowne's covered in thick mud. Drowne says cleaning up from the storm is not going to be an easy task. "46 years we have lived here in this house this is the worst we've had," he said.

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