Fleets prepare for first snowfall

The calm before the storm

Today was a day of preparation for snow removal fleets in Syracuse. With forecasts between eight and twelve inches of snow for the Syracuse area, there isn't any time to waste.

Mark Premo is the Commissioner of the Onondaga County Department of Transportation and he has his plows all lined up and ready for them to hit the street.

Premo said, "Our people here were monitoring the situation all day long and we try to make sure that those areas that may receive the greatest amount of snowfall. They're ready and we've got everything we need to take care of the storm."

This is the first large snow that Central New York has seen this season, and with that there is a bigger need for people to be driving smart.

"Clear your windows, but that's the safest thing to do. I cringe when I see someone with their rear window covered in snow or just a very tiny opening for them to see out." Premo says, "Make sure you can see the road, be safe, be smart."

Angelo Emmi is the Vice President of OnSite. It is responsible for plowing large parking lots in Wegmans, Wal Mart and Destiny USA.

Emmi says, "Right now we're checking all of our equipment, shaking anything down that we might have to shake... Repair anything that needs to be repaired. We're assuring that all of our equipment is fueled and ready to go for when the accumulation begins."

Due to the high density that snow can fall with, it accumulates rather fast in a short period of time. This adds another obstacle to the plows already daunting job.

Premo said, " Usually in an eight hour shift it is possible for us to hit (roads) twice and if it's really bad, perhaps a third time."

Angelo Emmi leaves us with one last piece of advice, "Stay off the roads as much as possible for your own safety and the safety of others, that's the best advice I can give you."