Flood recovery continues in Oneida

Oneida neighbor Marcia Rafte assesses flood damage in her backyard.

Marcia Rafte lives in Oneida and continues cleaning up from the flooding.

In her backyard, floodwaters moved her deck several feet. It now hangs precariously over the side of her in-ground pool.

Inside her home, which she shares with her husband, her basement has been stripped down to its studs. It had served as storage for many valuable items which the family will never see again.

"There were letters from Bobby Kennedy," Rafte explained. "There were pictures of his children. There were campaign posters. There were baby books. There were irreplaceable things."

Despite the damage, Rafte said she and her husband are making good progress. "The rugs are getting cleaner," said Rafte. "The floor, after mopping multiple times, stays a little cleaner a little longer. And the pets are no longer traumatized from being moved around."

Rafte said she is once again able to do basic things, like laundry, and is looking forward to the day when she can once again entertain family and friends in her home.

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