Flooding forces evacuation of Preble mobile homes

Marybelle Road, Preble / J. Cain/CNYcentral

Cortland County Emergency Management officials tell us that an ice dam has been cleared from a creek in the Town of Preble, That ice jam caused the creek to back up and forced the evacuation of some twelve families from the Tully Trailer Park on Marybelle Road and Route 11 and Route 281. Cortland County 911 says they ere first called about the flooding at 3:10 this morning. Bob Buell, Fire and Emergency Management coordinator said town and county highway crews cleared the jam, and the waters have started to recede. There were no injuries reported. Those evacuated from their homes are staying with relatives.

Earlier reports

We are getting word of flooding at a mobile home park in Cortland County.

Cortland County 911 dispatchers tell CNY Central part of the Tully Trailer Park on Route 281 in the Town of Prebel was evacuated overnight. It happened when waters of a nearby creek overflowed its banks.

The call came in around 3:10 a.m. There are no reports of any injuries.

At this point, dispatchers say there are no other reports of major incidents, just some minor scattered street flooding.

We have a news crew en route to the scene. Stay with for updates throughout the day.