Flooding shuts down Beach Road in Cicero

Underwater property on Beach Road Friday morning.


uinn Chmarak loves to kayak.

He typically goes right out onto Oneida Lake.

With the water rising more than a foot above normal, Chmarak only needed to go out onto his front yard.

"It's kind of a hit or miss around here, but this is terrible," says Chmarak.

This flooding is bringing several inches of water into homes along Oneida Lake.

"A lot of the garages and houses back here. They constantly, they fill up with water. There's maybe three or four inches in ours," says Chmarak.

Many neighbors living on Beach Road say this flooding is common to the area, with strong eastward winds blowing up to 70 miles an hour.

With the winter being longer and harsher than usual, many longtime neighbors like Robert Bauer, say this is the worst they have seen the flooding, since the flooding that followed the blizzard of 1993.

"You can't get out of the house really, I mean you can, but it's not fun looking at the water, you know you get tired of it. It's just a hell of an inconvenience," says Bauer.

Many like Albert Merola have sump pumps out and sand bags against their homes, trying to avoid having extra water come inside.

"It's tough on your property, it's tough on your driveway. It rinses your property away, can you not see what's happening? It's tough living down here this time of year," says Merola.

The only road in and out of the area is only open to local traffic and for good reason.

Robert DiFlorio lives right on Beach Road. "There's a lot of debris floating around. There's two by fours and logs and firewood. It's floating around so you got to really be careful driving down," says DiFlorio.

Many neighbors say the flooding could last for several more days, before going down during the early part of next week.

Cicero is currently giving sand bags away for free to neighbors who need them. they can be picked up at the Aero Marina located on Beach Road.