Florida couple found toys intended for needy children in a dumpster

A Florida couple made a shocking discovery in a trash dumpster behind their restaurant; boxes of gifts that were supposed to be on their way to children in Haiti.

Marie LaCommare and her husband Stefano pulled the cartons out of the dumpster behind their restaurant as soon as they realized what they were.

Inside the discarded cartons were dozens of clear plastic boxes marked by gender and age. They were a combination of things kids need and things kids want like pencils, dolls, and jump ropes.

"I mean itâ??s sad, cause if we wouldn't have opened up the boxes, I wonder where they would have ended up? I mean that's a lot of hard work, money, donations probably, it needs to go to the right people and I hope they find out who it goes to,â?? says Marie LaCommare.

"I bet you there's a lot of little kids that needs all these beautiful toys and little things like this they appreciate it,â?? says Stefano LaCommare.

Not too long after, a local church was on the phone and they had apparently hired a stranger to ship these items to a Haitian orphanage. Once he brought back the shipping receipt he'd be reimbursed, then paid for his trouble. He apparently dumped the stuff instead.