Flu cases making a comeback in Onondaga County

Flu season isn't over yet. Reported cases of H1N1, the main strain of influenza, peaked in Onondaga County last December but Influenza B cases are still increasing each week.

There were 33 reported cases of Influenza B in Onondaga County for the week ending April 5th. That was up from 21 the week before and 8 in the week before that. Influenza B has caused the county's overall flu case count to increase over the past month. Statewide, flu cases increased 23% over the past week.

"With the trend, it looks like this will be a long season and probably last well into May," said Dr. Quoc Nguyen from the Onondaga County Health Department.

If you already had the main H1N1 flu virus, you could get sick again. Doctors say the flu vaccine can protect you from both strands and is still a good idea for anyone who has not had one. Influenza B cases are more widespread in other parts of New York State and cases here in Central New York could continue to spread.

"We're surprised to see it again but it is not outside of what expectations would be," said interim Health Commissioner Michelle Mignano.

The Health Department says so far Influenza B infections have been more mild than the main H1N1 flu strain. There have not been any flu related hospitalizations in Onondaga County over the past month.