Foie gras protest backfires (video)

Protestors did their best to break hearts on Valentines Day outside one restaurant in Syracuse that serves foie gras. The activists are connected to Farm Sanctuary an animal rights group. Tricia Barry represents the group, she says foie gras is cruel.

"Foie gras is the liver of a duck or goose who has been force fed until the liver expands up ten times its normal size," says Barry.

However, since the protest, restaurant owners tell us the sale of foie gras has sky rocketed. Brian Shore has cooked foie gras for years at Arad Evans Inn. He believes foie gras protests increase sales for the same reason they strengthen his resolve to sell it.

"I think if you allow people to dictate what you do like that, where does it stop," says Shore who works closely with Hudson Valley Foie Gras, one of the nations largest foie gras producers. He says many activists are misinformed about the effects of over feeding the ducks.

"Every single government agency has been into these farm," says Shore, "and they're never shut down. Why not? Because what they're doing is the proper way to prepare foie gras."

But Barry says a law has already been past in California outlawing the over feeding because of it's cruelty.

"During the force feeding process workers shove a pipe down the birds throat," says Barry, "and force them to ingest up to a third of their own body weight daily."

Barry admits that it is the foul's nature to gorge itself before migration and Shore says even the tube is not painful.

"The handler will come in and sit on the floor and he'll have a tube. What do the ducks do? They flock to him," says Shore.

Farm Sanctuary says it's never seen that behavior in any of it's studies and as long as foie gras is served protests will continue.