Food Bank fundraising to meet growing demand for meals

Food Bank of Central New York

If you think hunger is only an issue around the holidays, think again.

Lynn Hy, Director of Philanthropy for the Food Bank of Central New York, says the agency is providing food for almost 30,000 meals each day.

"There are individuals and families everyday that are going without food and they are sacrificing one, two, maybe even three meals a day so they can feed their children, or maybe elderly parents. All because they don't have enough to make ends meet," she says.

Last year the Food Bank of Central New York shipped out more than 12 million pounds of food to churches and food pantries across central and northern New York.

To help meet the growing demand, Hy says the Food Bank is teaming up with local supermarkets for its annual "Check Out Hunger" fundraising campaign.

"Price Chopper has its next month, TOPS and Wegmans will do it after the first of the year. It's an easy way for shoppers to add money to their bill and help us. One hundred percent of that money comes to the Food Bank so we can continue our work in the community," she says.

For more information about how you can help: