Football club tells members to stop sending donations to former Syracuse linebacker Luke Cain

Luke Cain (2006, left and 2012, right)

An update on a former Syracuse Orange football player found living homeless in Central New York late last year.

In December, CNY Central first brought you the story of Louis "Luke" Cain, a star linebacker for SU who played for three seasons, from 2004-06. Reporter Jim Kenyon learned that Cain was homeless and panhandling in downtown Syracuse, and through the efforts of the community, university and alumni a fund was started in an effort to help Cain out.

Now, the Syracuse Football Club, a group of former SU football players, is telling alumni to stop sending in donations toward Cain's cause.

In a letter to its members, a copy of which was obtained by CNY Central, the club says it wants to "suspend" donations as they are "way ahead of Luke's needs right now" and "money won't fix the current situation."

The letter adds that Cain is not accepting the help that is offered to him, and is not adapting well to his new living arrangements. This reportedly includes not taking his monthly medication.

The SFC says it will continue to support efforts to help Cain, and continue to update members on his progress.

In CNY Central's previous coverage it was mentioned that several individuals, including Cain himself, believe he may have suffered a brain injury during his playing career. That alleged injury has not been confirmed.