Forecast - Windy with afternoon rain

It will be another windy day in Central New York.

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A wind advisory is in effect for much of central New York today. Sustained winds of 15-30 mph are likely through the day with frequent gusts to 40 mph. A peak wind gust of 50 mph will be possible.

The best chance for some filtered sunshine will be in the early to mid-morning hours before we see thickening clouds. We should stay dry until the early afternoon hours and then, around 2 PM, the chances for rain increase dramatically. By 4 or 5 PM, it should be raining everywhere in the area.

We are also watching for a slight chance for an even gustier thunderstorm potential late this afternoon.

Todayâ??s high is expected to be 75 degrees with a low of 39. However, temperatures should be significantly cooler by sunset.

You can track the precipitation anytime by watching its movement with the Triple Doppler Radar loop and zoom in with Interactive Doppler radar. Donâ??t forget to download the CNY Central mobile app free for Android and Apple devices. You will be able to track the radar and keep up to date with the forecast on your mobile device.

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