Forensic search at cabin in Mexico with possible link to Heidi Allen concludes

Investigators leaving the scene of an intensive search in Mexico with a large cooler.

A representative from the Oswego County Sheriffâ??s Department says the search at the Rice Road site in Mexico will conclude Thursday afternoon, with nothing to show for their extensive search.

Shortly before noon on Thursday, investigators were seen bringing shovels, tarps and portable tents back to their vehicles. Investigators were also seen carrying a large cooler.

The Sheriffâ??s Department did not offer any other details on the search.

Oswego County District Attorney Greg Oakes says, "There is no physical evidence that any human remains are or ever were at that site."

Oakes says that every effort was made to search the site, including bringing in a State Police cadaver dog and digging equipment from the County Health Department. The cadaver dog did mark a spot, but the search proved fruitless, Oakes says.

Oakes says investigators are following up on new leads and are willing to schedule new interviews.

"We've heard hearsay, we've heard rumors, we need to base our case upon facts," Oakes says. "I have absolute confidence in the Sheriff's Department to investigate this case. There has been innuendo that the Sheriff's Department has engaged in a cover up. What I can say is, Moe Todd was not the sheriff 20 years ago when this case occurred. He was not sheriff when it was prosecuted. Moe Todd's interest has always been the same, find the truth."

Federal Public Defender Lisa Peebles, who filed a motion to have Gary Thibodeau released, says, "We believe the evidence the defense produced speaks for itself and clearly exonerates Gary Thibodeau. The press release by the District Attorney's Office cannot justify the inadequacy of the initial investigation and the failure to disclose exculpatory evidence and thoroughly pursue new investigative leads."

The cabin in Mexico has been the subject of a forensic search for the better part of this week, with new information coming to light on the disappearance of Heidi Allen.