Former Auburn cop Brian Hutchings sentenced after stealing thousands

Brian Hutchings

Former Auburn police officer Brian Hutchings was sentenced to prison after he was found guilty of stealing thousands of dollars from the Cayuga County Police Benevolent Association .

Hutchings, 50, was sentenced to 3 and a half to 10 years in state prison in Cayuga County Court Tuesday morning.

Hutchings was convicted of one count of third degree grand larceny, two counts of first degree scheming to defraud, three counts of fourth degree grand larceny, and five counts of petit larceny.

The defense was seeking approximately $85,000 restitution; Judge Mark Sandrich ordered $61,000.

Judge Fandrich says he was disappointed that Hutchings had not taken responsibility for his actions, and hadnâ??t made an effort to restore the funds to the Cayuga County Police Benevolent Association.

The District Attorneyâ??s Office says Hutchings abused his position to steal tens of thousands of dollars of the police officersâ?? money while living in luxury and buying motor homes, trailers, and a $30,000 patio, $250,000 house.

Judge Fandrich approved a request for an order of protection for the officers who testified against Hutchings.

District Attorney Jon Budelmann says Hutchings "embarrassed and ashamed" the police department with his actions, and that police officers "should be held to a higher standard."