Former Auburn cop found guilty of stealing thousands of dollars from officers

A former Auburn police officer has been found guilty of stealing thousands of dollars from the Cayuga County Police Benevolent Association.

Brian Hutchings, 50, was found guilty by Cayuga County Court Judge Mark Fandrich on two counts of scheme to defraud and four counts of grand larceny. All of those are felonies.

Hutchings was also found guilty on five counts of petit larceny, which are misdemeanors.

He served as the association's treasurer at the time of the crimes.

Cayuga County District Attoreny Jon Buddelmann issued the following statement:

"While I am pleased with the Judge's verdict in this embezzlement case, I am disheartened by the shameful conduct of this former police officer, hired to uphold the law.

Instead, the evidence proved that he stole tens of thousands of dollars from his fellow officers. His refusal to accept responsibility for his actions has now cost taxpayers thousands more.

I hope that the conduct of this defendant does not reflect on the honor of all the hard working men and women of the Auburn Police Department."

Hutchings is scheduled to be sentenced on July 31st at 9 a.m. He could spend four to 12 years in prison in addition to one to three years he's already serving in state prison for bribery and coercion.