Former Auburn cop sentenced to prison for bribery, misconduct

Brian Hutchings / file photo

A former Auburn police officer will serve jail time after being convicted of misusing his police authority.

In Cayuga County Court Thursday afternoon, Brian Hutchings of Auburn was sentenced to one to three years in state prison after his March 2011 conviction on felony bribery and official misconduct charges. Hutchings was accused of soliciting bribes from area businesses, including alerting vehicle drivers of police road blocks and inspection stations in exchange for work done on this private residence. Hutchings was also accused of beating one driver in an attempt to avoid paying for work he had done on his home.

In court Thursday, Cayuga County District Attorney Jon Budelmann told the court that Hutchings had tarnished the entire justice system. Budelmann had asked for a sentence of 6-18 years for Hutchings, which was significantly more severe than the penalty he received.

The defense countered that there is a lot more to Brian Hutchings than what brought him to trial, and mentioned that he had previously been an officer of the year award recipient.

During the sentencing, Judge Mark Fandrich told Hutchings that "no one is above the law." The judge added, "Everyone is responsible for his or her actions."

Hutchings declined to speak at the sentencing.

District Attorney Budelmann says Hutchings has not shown remorse. Defense attorney Emil Rossi, says he is planning an appeal, and said Hutchings has been told not to say anything in the meantime.