Former Cooperstown store employee who threatened ex-boss waives extradition

Barry Renert

The former Cooperstown store employee who threatened his ex-boss with a handgun on December 23 waived extradition in Virginia on Friday.

Barry Michael Renert entered Seventh Inning Stretch, a baseball memorabilia store, and approached his former boss in the office of the store with a handgun. Renert threatened the man and ran when his former boss got out his own gun and fired a shot at Renert.

62 year-old Renert of Seminole County, Florida, was

caught the next day

in Richmond, Virginia. Richmond police took Renert into custody near a bus station and found his rental car nearby.

Cooperstown police said Renert will return to New York within the next ten days for arraignment. He is expected to be charged with menacing and burglary.