Former director claims misappropriated and mismanaged funds forced closure of Dunbar Center

After only two weeks on the job, the interim director of the Dunbar Center in Syracuse says he is being ousted because he uncovered misappropriation and mismanagement of funds at the taxpayer supported community service agency.

Dr. L. Micah Dexter told CNY Central's Jim Kenyon, "I found a whole lot of discrepancies that were alarming." Dexter was appointed as interim director of the Dunbar Center on November 7th after it abruptly shut down due to financial problems.

During his short tenure, Dexter says he examined financial records. "hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent on personal items and there was one particular person that had their rent paid." Dr. Dexter, who is the pastor of the New Salem Church on Syracuse's south side says the center records show checks made out to such things as apartment rent, utility bills, cell phones, cable television, full time pay for part time work, and a check for child support.

Dexter also claims the Dunbar Center was mismanaged. He says IRS payroll taxes were not paid along with missing personnel files, improper time cards, missing employee records. He also found that vouchers to Onondaga County for reimbursement for services were not submitted. "The center should have never been closed if it had been properly managed."


exter says he was shunned and told his services were no longer needed when he made Dunbar Association board members aware.


ut Board President Steve Williams says that's not so. Williams says he's never heard of funds going for rent... cell phones or other personal expenses. "There has been no misappropriation of funds or mismanagement of funds communicated to me and I have no knowledge of any misappropriation of funds taking place at Dunbar." Williams said.


illiams says Dr. Dexter is no longer affiliated with Dunbar because the center has just formed a partnership with the Syracuse Community Health Center to eventually re-open. Williams admits there are significant problems with the IRS payroll taxes not being paid. He was also aware the center was not submitting vouchers to Onondaga County for certain services it performed.


illiams says now that the Syracuse Community Health Center is partnering with the Dunbar center, the board of directors intend to order an internal audit of the financial records.


octor Dexter says he is contacting the State Comptroller to look into what he says he uncovered. "I'm conducting this interview to make people aware. We all love Dunbar. We don't want it to close." Dexter said.,