Former Governor David Paterson may run for Congress

      Former Gov. David Paterson says he may run for Congress if Rep. Charles Rangel retires.

      But Paterson also made a case for recruiting a younger candidate if his fellow Democrat chooses not to run after more than 40 years in Congress. Paterson would be 60 if he was elected next year.

      Paterson says a younger member would have more time to build seniority in Congress, which is critical to amass power.

      Rangel didn't initially respond to a request Monday for comment on whether he'll seek another term representing the Harlem district.

      Paterson became governor in 2008, rising from lieutenant governor when Gov. Eliot Spitzer resigned because of a prostitution scandal.

      Paterson didn't seek a full term in 2010, when Andrew Cuomo successfully campaigned for governor.