Former homeless man turned filmmaker debuts @home at Palace Theatre

Video blogger turned filmmaker Mark Horvath has made it his lifeâ??s mission to raise awareness about homelessness, because after losing his job in television and battling with addiction, itâ??s an issue that heâ??s experienced first hand.

â??Right around 19 months of unemployment I grabbed my camera and went out and started interviewing homeless people,â?? said Horvath. â??I wish I could say I was some marketing genius but really I just felt that if I filled out one more application I was going to go crazy. The interesting thing is that people started watching.â??

Thanks to social media, Horvathâ??s micro-documentaries sparked interest across the globe. His Web site,, uses YouTube videos to give viewers an inside look at homelessness. Horvath has traveled to over 200 cities and six countries to document the individual stories of homeless men, women and children.

â??Most people get their information from the marketing items from the Salvation Army, from United Way, from rescue missions and they detach from that,â?? explained Horvath. â??They see a certain side of homelessness and itâ??s spun usually to raise money. Thatâ??s not a bad thing. These organizations need to raise money. Invisible People actually empowers people to tell their own story. I believe that once you know that person itâ??s impossible to just walk by them.â??

Horvath is in Syracuse this week to raise awareness about homelessness with the debut of his new film, @home. He hopes to show the unseen side of life on the streets and provide a roadmap to ending homelessness.

â??The side of homelessness you donâ??t see is the working homeless living in motels, the moms living with their children in vans. Thereâ??s a whole side of homelessness thatâ??s invisible and itâ??s becoming a crisis.

â??If we pool our resources we really can end homelessness. Iâ??m living proof,â?? said Horvath.

The Rescue Missionwill present the CNY premiere of @home at the Palace Theatre on Friday, November 22, at 7 p.m. Horvath will join Rescue Mission CEO Alan Thornton for a special Q&A session after the showing.

Admission is free with a food or clothing donation.