Former Oneida Ltd. company to finish pulling out of Oneida and Sherrill

The Oneida store in Sherrill

A longtime dinnerware company in Oneida will close its last facilities in Central New York for good, putting nearly 100 people out of work after more than 130 years in business.

Sherrill City Manager Robert Comis got a fax Tuesday morning, confirming that the EveryWare Global factory store in Sherrill (which still carries the Oneida Company Store signs), as well as the regional office building in Oneida will be closing. The historic office building on Kenwood Avenue will be sold.

The locations employ 90 people, and have been a staple of the Madison and Oneida County economies since 1880.

Customers shopping in the store were disappointed. "I hate to see any business leave here," one told us.

"It's kinda strange that Oneida can't stay open in Oneida," another told us. "You kinda wonder about New York now."

The company said in a statement that â??Certain functional and administrative roles now based at the Oneida regional office will gradually be relocated to the company's headquarters in central Ohio, as will certain roles based in Melville. The changes will take place in several phases beginning in April with full completion scheduled in 2015.â??

"This is a difficult but necessary decision as we work to complete the full integration of the Oneida business into EveryWare," said John Sheppard, EveryWare CEO, in a media release. "This move will enable us to achieve the greater efficiencies and synergy of having all of our key business, functional and administrative positions in a single North American location."

A company called Monomoy Capital Partners purchased Oneida in 2011 and combined it with Anchor Hocking under the EveryWare name in March 2012. The Oneida Ltd. factory in Sherrill closed in 2005, laying off 500 employees, and what is sold under the Oneida name now is manufactured mostly offshore.

Sherrill Manufacturing, which moved into the former Oneida Ltd. plant, has not been affected and will continue to operate. It too, has a factory store, which boasts Made in USA products

Comis says the community has been strong through the decades long wind down of Oneida Limited, but Oneida's name recognition has always been a draw for Sherrill, and it's going now, for good.