Former Skaneateles car dealer Pat Bombard repays elderly woman in land scam

Pat Bombard appears in court Thursday morning.

Former car dealer Pat Bombard came to Judge Anthony Aloi's court Thursday in handcuffs and left a free man when he handed $48,000 worth of checks to an elderly woman he scammed back in a land deal in 2008.

Bombard had promised to pay Erma Jerva, 93, roughly $180,000 when he pleaded guilty 2 1/2 years ago to grand larceny and filing a false instrument.

During an appearance in Onondaga County Court on Tuesday, Judge Aloi promised to send Bombard to state prison if he did not pay in full by Thursday, and sent him to county prison for the remainder of the deadline. He still owed $48,000.

Assistant District Attorney Beth Van Doren says she didn't think Bombard had the money.

"I was absolutely shocked. There have been no communication between myself and Mr. Bombard's attorney since he was taken into custody Tuesday and I just assumed the money wasn't there. The first I heard they had it was when Mr. Durr (Bombard's attorney) pulled out the checks from his pocket, and I was very shocked," says Van Doren.

Aloi noted that besides paying back the money, Bombard had followed all of the conditions of his probation.

Van Doren says Jerva didn't attend Thursday's court appearance after a bad experience earlier in the week.

"She was pretty shaken up after court on Tuesday. Having addressed the court and being accosted in the hallway by supporters of Mr. Bombard, she decided not to show up today," says Van Doren.

In April 2011, Bombard pleaded guilty to charges of grand larceny and offering a false instrument for filing. Bombard admitted he had claimed Jerva's property on Route 20 had been paid off when it had not. Bombard had been sentenced to five years probation and was ordered to pay restitution to Jervis.

Bombard will remain on probation, but he has met the main condition of his plea, which was paying the amount of money he owed to Jerva.