Former Skaneateles car dealer who swindled money from neighbor makes restitution payment

Pat Bombard

A former Skaneateles car dealer who admitted to swindling an elderly neighbor out of thousands of dollars appeared before Judge Anthony Aloi in Onondaga County Court on Tuesday.

Pat Bombard has made another $50,000 payment toward the money he owes Erma Jerva, which brings the total repaid to approximately $150,000.

Bombard was accused of swindling Jerva out of money in a fraudulent land sale. He is serving five yearsâ?? probation and has to pay restitution.

Bombard pleaded guilty in April of 2011 to grand larceny and offering a false instrument for filing. The latter charge stems from Bombard's admission that he had claimed Jerva's property had been paid off when it had not.

The case has been adjourned to November 25. Bombard has 90 more days to pay the remainder of the debt. The judge has previously approved more time for Bombard to pay the debt.