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      Former Syracuse Developmental Center to be auctioned off in April

      The former Syracuse Developmental Center will be auctioned off next month.

      The 585,000-square-foot complex will go up for auction on April 11 at the Onondaga County Courthouse. The minimum bid is $1.2 million.

      It was previously used by the state as a residential facility for developmentally disabled people.

      The complex, which includes six interconnected buildings, sits on 48 acres on South Wilbur Avenue, next to the Rosamond Gifford Zoo.

      It includes a full size gymnasium with locker rooms, an Olympic sized swimming pool, and bowling along with cafes, lounges, a large kitchen with industrial sized ovens. There are 600 parking spaces on site.

      Future uses could include student or low income housing or apartments, a senior/adult care center, a juvenile detention facility, a call center or warehouse. The market value as assessed is $4.25 million.