Former Syracuse DPW worker arraigned for sexually abusing teenage boy, held without bail

Mark Carrigan

A habitual sex offender with a rap sheet several pages long, and described by police as "perhaps the most prolific offender registeredâ?? in Syracuse, was in court Wednesday morning facing another set of sex crime charges.

46-year-old Mark Charles Carrigan of Syracuse was arraigned in Syracuse City Court on charges of felony criminal sexual act, felony failing to register an internet identifier and misdemeanor forcible touching. He was arrested Tuesday and is accused of having sexual contact with a 14-year-old boy in 2012 after befriending the child.

In court Wednesday, Judge Rory McMahon entered a not guilty plea for the three charges on behalf of Carrigan.

McMahon pointed out that, due to three of Carriganâ??s previous convictions, he does not have the jurisdiction to set bail. Carrigan is being held without bail.

An Assistant District Attorney requested an order of protection for victim, which the judge granted. Carrigan was ordered not to contact the victim or the victimâ??s family.

A relative of the victim spoke with CNY Centralâ??s Jim Kenyon outside of the courtroom. The individual, who we are not naming to protect the victimâ??s identity, indicated the family was very upset to learn about Carriganâ??s extensive criminal history.

At one point, that relative said they "should put him in the ocean and let the sharks have at him."

The relative said more needs to be done to keep repeat offenders behind bars.

Carrigan is due back in court on August 2nd for a preliminary hearing, although the case will likely be referred to a grand jury and handled in Onondaga County Criminal Court.

Carrigan indicated that he planned to hire attorney Paul Carey to represent him.

Carrigan is a level 3 sex offender and former Syracuse Department of Public Works employee who has repeatedly abused young boys since 1988. Police say he is "perhaps the most prolific offender registered in the City of Syracuse."

According to police, "Carrigan has been arrested on 16 occasions on 40 different charges. Of those charges, 16 were felonies and 22 were misdemeanors along with two other charges. Out of 16 felonies, three resulted in convictions. 12 of the 22 misdemeanor charges resulted in 12 convictions."

In September 2012, police say Carrigan began picking up the 14-year-old at a bus stop and would drive him to school and fast food restaurants.

According to police, there was one occasion where Carrigan drove the boy to a relative's house under the guise of picking up mail. Once inside, Carrigan is accused of inappropriately touching the boy in a sexual manner.

Police say on one of the occasions that Carrigan drove the boy to school, a school employee recognized Carrigan as a sex offender and reported it to police.

After an investigation, Carrigan was arrested Tuesday on the probation violation charge upon his release from Jamesville Correctional Facility. He had just finished a sentence on a previous probation violation conviction.

Click here for a timeline of Carriganâ??s past offenses.

A petition has been started in response to Carrigan's most recent arrest, calling for tougher laws to protect our children. You can sign the petition by clicking here.

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