Former Syracuse football player pleads guilty to burglary

Davon Walls

A former Syracuse Orange football player who was dismissed from the team earlier this year has pleaded guilty to burglary and may not face jail time.

In Onondaga County Court Tuesday morning, Davon Walls pleaded guilty to felony burglary. He admitted to breaking into a fellow studentâ??s South Campus apartment on February 23 and stealing an Xbox, video games, a television, and other items.

In exchange for his guilty plea, Walls will receive one year of interim probation. He will avoid jail time and will likely receive additional probation if he stays out of trouble. This particular burglary is considered a class C violent felony and could have been punishable by 5-15 years in state prison.

Wallsâ?? former teammate, Markus Pierce-Brewster, was also arrested on the same burglary charge, as well as petit larceny. His case is still pending.

In a related incident, two other SU students, Erwing Augustin and Bradley Valik, were arrested for stealing televisions, video game consoles, and games from an apartment on Winding Ridge Road.

Walls, a defensive tackle, and Pierce-Brewster, a defensive end, were both kicked off of the Syracuse University football team in March for a â??violation of team rulesâ??.

Pierce-Brewster appeared in 13 games for the Orange in 2012, collecting 13 tackles with one sack. Walls appeared in three games that same season.