Fort Drum pulls out of Syracuse Veterans Parade

Fort Drum's band and a marching contingent have dropped out of the Syracuse Veterans Parade because of the Federal government shutdown

The coordinators of the Syracuse area Veterans Parade, set for November 9th at the State Fairgrounds, have been notified that a big and popular attraction may not come this year.

Assemblyman Bill Magnarelli says his office has been notified that the Fort Drum contingent, which includes a band, has dropped out, because of the Federal Shutdown.


t VFW Post 9596 in East Syracuse there is a whole lot of anger over Fort Drum not coming.

Neill DeWald and Fred Hartung are both veterans with this VFW post.

"That's unacceptable, that is not proper behavior. These are individuals who have given body parts, they've given a lot of their minds are gone. They've left their families, their wives have suffered, their children have suffered. It's only right, you know they should be coming down here, to this event. We're going to be there," says DeWald.

"I think that's disgusting, honest to God. I can't imagine them not doing it. These guys they're coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan, they've got too much pride not to be stopped by these so called politicians that are locking up this whole country, it's pathetic," says Hartung.

These veterans say the only group hurt more than themselves will be neighbors who are out waving their American Flags.

"It's an awesome feeling to see the civilians that really respect the flag you know and the country and the military veterans who allow them to stand there in the middle of the street," says DeWald.

"The crowd is just tremendous and you feel like you're walking through there with all the pride there is in the world with tears in your eyes. You see the little kids there waving a flag. It's just phenomenal you know with everybody clapping and saluting. You walk out of there like God this is a great country," says Hartung.

Magnarelli hopes the federal stalemate will end in time to allow the military unit to re-schedule.