Fort Drum soldier gives back to fellow vets

Sergeant Earle Fontenot served back to back tours with the 10th Mountain Division in Iraq and Afghanistan, and now, he is giving back and helping local vets.

There wasn't a week that went by where we wouldn't have a rocket attack or RPG so you got used to constantly being on guard, said Sgt. Fontenot.

Like a lot of veterans, Fontenot had a difficult time adjusting to civilian life when he returned to the US.

You, slowly, realize that everyone around you isn't thinking the same way you are. Mentally, it TMs a hard adjustment to make, said Fontenot. An adjustment that Fontenot TMs best friend in the unit was not able to make. He committed suicide last thanksgiving.

On his wrist, Fontenot wears a bracelet with the name of the friend he lost. I was shocked and really, there is not a day that goes by that I don't think about it.

Fontenot is determined to help other vets avoid the same fate and works full time helping his fellow vets get the care they need, especially those suffering from post traumatic stress.

It's something that everyone comes back with in one form or another. Nobody is the same once they come back from Iraq or Afghanistan."

Combat vets may never be the same but thanks to Sgt. Fontenot and others like him their sacrifices will not be forgotten.